Andy Kim and the "Dark Money" he promised to eliminate if elected

Cinnaminson - In an article today in the Burlington County Times (Click Here for Article) it talks about a new 501(c)(4) non profit that was formed called New Jersey for a Better Future. Unlike most PACs, who are required to disclose its donors, New Jersey for a Better Future will not be required to reveal its financial donors.

501(c)(4) non profit designations are reserved for "Social Interest" groups and as such can raise unlimited funds without disclosing its source. These organizations are limited to spending 50% of its resources on political activities.

According to the article in the BCT, New Jersey for a Better Future has committed to spending 7 figures on its campaign against Congressman Tom MacArthur (R- D3).

The one biggest take away about this is Andy Kim, the presumptive democratic challenger to Mr. MacArthur in this fall's election, has gone on the record in opposing so called "Dark Money". Mr. Kim was quoted in the article as saying "We need to fight against dark money that allows millions of dollars to pour into our elections without requiring disclosures of donors. We need to find more ways to allow to encourage public financing and other tools so Americans don’t need to be millionaires in order to run. We also want to explore the use of matching contributions and other steps to empower grass-roots supporters and ensure they have a voice"

Well here is your chance Mr. Kim. Are you going to disavow New Jersey for a Better Future? Or are you going to be like every other politician and say one thing to get elected and then do something different.

#AndyKim #TomMacArthur #Congress

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